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Microsoft List Content Scheduler Template: Streamline Your Content Planning and Tracking

As I started brainstorming content ideas for my organization’s internal community and upcoming blog, I felt excited and energized.  I tend to write all my ideas on the memo pad as I love writing my […]

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Treasure Trove of Features and Upgrades of Microsoft List

Microsoft Lists is an incredibly useful tool for managing information with its intuitive interface and user-friendly design. It’s the go-to for tracking tasks, deadlines, and projects with just a few clicks. And with each new […]

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What’s new in Mixed Reality in Power Apps

You wanted to buy furniture or redecorate your working area. You first take a measurement using a measuring tape, bringing that measurement with you to the store where you want to buy furniture. Now, you […]

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Microsoft Power Apps vs Microsoft Forms

MUSIC! I love MUSIC! Music always keeps me inspired and motivated. If I’m feeling blue and want to chill, I’ll also listen to music. As for the genre I’m listening to, it really depends. It […]

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Power Platform: Connection vs Connection Reference

Creating applications using Power Apps and Power Automate is straightforward. When creating an app in Power Apps, sign in to, and for Power Automate, You can select the template needed for your app […]

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Batch Update of SharePoint List item using Power Automate

As I’m looking to find a way to optimize the application to update an item from Excel table to SharePoint, I stumbled upon a great article created by Paulie, MVP. The article describes creating a SharePoint […]

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Power Automate: Approval flow with Multiple Attachments and Common Errors

Requirement Get Multiple Attachment files from SharePoint List and send an approval request using Power Automate. Actions in Flow When an item is created Site Address = your SharePoint site List Name = the lists […]

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Repeating Tables in Power Apps using SharePoint List Form 2.0

In my previous blog post, I’ve created a guide explaining how to create “Repeating Tables” in Power Apps. This time, I made changes in the functions and ways on how to enhance the forms. In the […]

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“When an item or a file is modified” trigger is not working

‘Get changes for an item or a file (properties only)’ action returns a boolean result. It checks each of the columns has changed or not in the SharePoint document library or lists. This action should […]