Add Attachments to Microsoft List using Markup Control Images in Mixed Reality in Power Apps


You want to raise a ticket for a broken or damaged item you received or raise an incident ticket to your IT team that your laptop is not working because of a damaged keyboard or battery.

You go to your portal, raise an incident ticket, take a picture of the damaged item, put a mark where it has an issue, and then attach the image to your ticket. One troublesome step is taking a picture with your mobile phone and then sending it to your email because you can’t open the portal where you raise a ticket is inaccessible. After transferring it, you attach the image to the ticket and submit it. 

With Markup in Mixed Reality in Power Apps, this helps you quickly draw a markup to an object or add an arrow to specify an area or environment you want to highlight and submit it using Microsoft Lists.

How to add Markup in Mixed Reality in your App:

In this scenario, we will use Microsoft Lists as the data source.

Datasource: Microsoft List named Issue Tracker – you can create a new List using the Issue Tracker Template

Let’s create an app:

1. Create a new canvas.

2. Add your data source, which is your Issue Tracker List.

3. Add a new screen, and name it Issue Tracker Screen. Then add the Edit form.

4. Connect your data form to your Issue Tracker List in the Data source properties. Rename your Form.

Tip: Use this naming convention to rename your control: control_purpose_screen.

5. In the Fields properties, select Edit fields and add Attachments.

In the Attachments_Datacard, select the Advanced properties tab and unlock to change properties.

Click the DatacardValue (it may have been a different control name for you), then select Insert >> Mixed Reality >> Markup in MR (preview)

You must ensure that the Markup in MR (preview) control is inserted inside the Attachments_Datacard.

6. Select the AnnotateInMR1 in the Advanced properties tab, and type this in the OnMixedRealitySelect

            DisplayName: GUID() & ".jpg",
            Id: GUID() & ".jpg",
            Value: ImageURI

DatacardValue13 - control for the attachment, which may have a different name on your end.

AnnotateInMR1 – the control name of the Markup Control Mixed Reality you inserted. It may be different on your end

7. In the Attachment_Datacard2 Advanced properties tab, change the value of the following properties:

  • Default – ThisItem.Attachments to colAttachments
  • Update – DatacardValue13.Attachments to colAttachments

Renamed the Title of the Markup in MR to Open Camera

8. You add another button below the Form and add the following code in OnSelect.


Save and Publish your App.


Markup in Mixed Reality is still in preview, and it’s not advisable to use it in production. I can’t wait for this feature to be released as it will be a great help when marking up an object using Mixed Reality.