About Me

My name is Mary Angiela Cerbolles. You can call me “Anj.” My Microsoft journey started back in 2012 when my Manager told me to start learning SharePoint. I learned how to build a SharePoint server, build forms, and give tech solutions from blogs, tutorials, and the tech community. Everything changed when Microsoft 365 has released. After that, my field of expertise widened. I am working as Productivity Analyst focus on SharePoint, Power Platform (Power Apps, and Power Automate) and Microsoft 365. Dual MVP (Business Applications & Microsoft 365 Apps & Services).

I am curious about how things work, especially when it comes to technology. Learning and connecting were my great companions since then. I want to help others by leveraging the value of the services offered by Microsoft 365. In any way possible, I try as much as I can to help the tech community and the business as I love doing it.