New Improvements of AI Builder – Form Processing

As I’m building applications using AI Builder – Form Processing, I’ve got some lists of my ideas which I posted in my blog that could at least help improve the model. This is because I’ve done some hands on application that use AI to extract data from the documents. One of the ideas that I put is adjusting the position of the fields or tables during selecting them. I also voted an idea in Power Apps Ideas where it is a post from ZePowerDiver which is about allowing definition of the fields that you could select.

AIBuilder - Form Processing - Allow definition of areas

Last 4 May 2020, AI Builder – Form Processing releases a new improvement which you can select or draw the fields that the model doesn’t recognize while analyzing your document. When the user analyzes the document, you can either select or deselect the fields. You can also select what fields that you want to be extracted if the field is not recognize by the model. Each document that you’ve uploaded can be selected one by one in which field that you need to train.

How to do it

You need to create Form Processing Model, name it and then upload your file.

Creating Form Processing Model

You can now upload documents from SharePoint and Azure Blob Storage.

Add documents from different data sources.

Next you need to analyze the document that you’ve uploaded and then select your fields. From the selection of fields, you can now resize and select the fields that is undetected during the analyzation of the document.

If you select the wrong fields after confirming the fields from the first document, you can still go back to rectify the fields.

Updating the fields

After confirming all the fields, each document that you uploaded, you need to select the proper fields from the next document until you finish selecting all the fields in each of the documents. Once you’re a done, click Done.

Selecting fields in each document

Now you are going to train your model and then do some quick test afterwards. Once the training is done, you need to Publish your model so that Power Automate and Power Apps can use your model.

Quick Test and publishing the model

The publishing of the model is done. We are now going to use it in our Canvas app. We are going to insert the AI Builder Form Processing in the Insert ribbon in the Canvas app and then select Form Processing

AI Builder model

Once inserted, look for the FormProcessor1 and then select the AI Model. Select the AI Model that you’ve created.


Then bind the necessary fields that you need and the tables in your app.

Form Processing in Canvas App


The new improvement of the Form Processing will really help the business users in selecting the right fields that is necessary to their business needs. There are some hiccups that I’ve seen so far when it comes to multiples pages. If your document has multiple pages, it can still detect some of the fields except the tables. If you have two tables from page 1 to page 2, it can detect the tables but you can’t do the quick test and publish the model that you’ve created. I might post it in the Power App Ideas.

Have fun building your model and app! 🙂