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Power Automate: Approval flow with Multiple Attachments and Common Errors

Requirement Get Multiple Attachment files from SharePoint List and send an approval request using Power Automate. Actions in Flow When an item is created Site Address = your SharePoint site List Name = the lists […]

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“When an item or a file is modified” trigger is not working

‘Get changes for an item or a file (properties only)’ action returns a boolean result. It checks each of the columns has changed or not in the SharePoint document library or lists. This action should […]

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New Improvements of AI Builder – Form Processing

As I’m building applications using AI Builder – Form Processing, I’ve got some lists of my ideas which I posted in my blog that could at least help improve the model. This is because I’ve […]

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Working with Solutions in Power Automate & Power Apps

In Power Platform, there are three keys in implementing digital transformation that you can apply. One is leveraging an application in Dynamics 365 suite like Sales, Customer service apps and other application that is available […]

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AI Builder: Infusing AI in your application with Three simple Steps

AI helps humans and machines work together to make the world better. It helps the human brain handle the dehumanizing workload or repetitive tasks but not everyone has access to it. If we think about […]

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AI Builder Form Processing Ideas

We’re in the Digital Transformation age and everyone are using mobile phones, computers, and tablet to solve business problems. We now automate business processes to work productively and efficiently. One of the main process that […]