Microsoft Power Automate: Invalid Connection Credentials

We have this initiative where every team member should share a topic where about new technology, new ideas and best practices that could help the team’s productivity or enhance our skills that could serve our client and the company. Every Friday of the month, per quarter, each of the team member should have a topic to share within Developers team. We get to choose the topic that we want to share as long as it is relevant to us.

My recent topic shared is about “Introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Microsoft Power Automate. During Microsoft Ignite 2019, there are tons of announcements on Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365 which you could see all the on demand sessions here, and you could download the bulk sessions using this link.

I was pumped up when I heard about the UI Flow which provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities in Power Automate. Power Automate was once Microsoft Flow. The change is one of the announcements during the Ignite. UI Flow is now available in preview and you can check it here.

As I was preparing for my demo, I have an issue that I encountered when building my flow that connects to my on-premise gateway.

I created a simple flow after I created my Desktop App in UI Flow that will trigger when I received an email. My laptop is not connected to any domain, ‘coz it’s a personal one. 

Solution 1

My on-premise gateway is running in my laptop. I googled the issue if someone has the same encounter and found one (and I commented on it as well :)). Then I found out that what I used when creating the connection for the on-premise gateway was not my windows device login. I changed my connection information to my windows device login.

To check the domain name and username, open cmd and type echo %userdomain% and for the username echo %username%. The values that you get will be filled in the username in the UI flow connection. This also works for a non-domain-joined clients.

Solution 2

If your personal email account used to login in your laptop, use this username to create the new connection. To verify the account, go to Settings then select Accounts.

hind a setting 
Your info 
Email & accounts 
options 
Access work or school 
Family & other users 
Sync your settings 
Your info 
Billing info, family settings, subscriptions, security settings, and more 
Manage my Microsoft account

When creating the new connection, this will look like this image below.

I hope this solution help you if you have same issue encountered.

Featured Image by Matan Segev from Pexels