Microsoft Ignite 2020: Learning & Recap

Due to unprecedented times globally, last September 22-24, 2020, Microsoft Ignite was held virtually. This event is a free two-day online conference. The conference didn’t just talk about technology updates but also helped the attendees and the community interact globally. What I like about the Microsoft Ignite 2020 (even though I only attended the Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Singapore once) is it focuses on the wellbeing of the people and how we can work in a hybrid environment.

The way we work now has changed rapidly. Digital transformation of companies has moved faster than ever due to the pandemic. Working remotely increases online meetings, and most employees work longer hours than how they used. The keynote of Satya Nadella about “Building Digital Resilience” noted that 30% of remote workers say the pandemic has increased burn out, and 1/3 of remote workers say their wellbeing are negatively impacted.


These three key areas drive the Technology stack of Microsoft to build a resilience application and updates.

Microsoft 365 
Dynamics 36 
Power Platform 
Microsoft Azure 
Identity, security, management, and compliance

Favorite Updates:

Here are a few of my favorite announcement during the event and can’t wait to deep dive into the features:

  • The Together Mode feature of Microsoft Teams, which you can be together during the meeting, can even change the background image. Did you know that Together Mode in MS Teams helps reduces fatigue compared to the gallery view?
  • SharePoint Syntex uses AI to help understand your document and extract the metadata from the document itself. By training your document in Content Center Hub model, you can pull the information from the document and use it as your metadata when you were uploading it to your document library.
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SharePoint Syntex Resources 
Project Cortex Resources 
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SharePoint Syntex Video 
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  • Another one is Project Nucleus. Project Nucleus is an ability to sync your Microsoft Lists data even if you are offline. It will sync back your data online. It uses the same feature of OneDrive offline syncing. Learn more about the roadmap here.
  • The last one is Project Oakdale. You can build an app in MS Teams using Power Apps. Project Oakdale has its CDS, and the license is part of your MS Teams. Project Oakdale created per MS Teams.


Ignite doesn’t only have technical sessions but also sessions for the Humans Of IT. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot during the Humans Of IT sessions. We get to have a break on the technical sessions and listen to stories of different people with a diverse background on how we could help the community and how we could lift up each other. It inspires me as a Humans Of IT Ambassador to spread more stories, reach out to other people who need help, and reflect on the things that impact my life.

One thing that struck me most in one of the sessions of IT: You + PowerPlatform: Be the Hero of Your Own Story is to believe in yourself in what you are doing because there’s a lot of opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Look for the community that will help you and accepts you with open arms. You are not alone, we are always here to help you, and we welcome you here at Humans of IT community.

You can check out the on-demand sessions of Humans of IT.

If you haven’t attended the MS Ignite and wanted to learn more, you read the Book of News. You can also check the on-demand session on the Microsoft Ignite website. You can also check the Video Hub for the latest video and Interactive Guide.

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There will be a Part 2 for Microsoft Ignite which will be on 2021.

“Machines don’t create value – people do – and you can’t treat people like machines” #MSIgnite Keynote Satya Nadella

Featured Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels