Power Apps Monitor

Over the weekend, I attended the meetup for the Biz App and Power Platform event at Microsoft Singapore (Jan 18, 2020). One session that struck me most is “Chasing the Performance in Power Apps”. I started working with Power Apps 3 years ago (on and off, because of switching of projects with SharePoint). I would say the Power Apps evolve pretty fast until I missed this powerful tools called Power Apps Monitor.  

Power Apps Monitor helps track, debug and optimize your app. The Power Apps Monitor will only run once you are opening your Canvas app or model-driven app in your Power App Studio. As of this moment, it will only capture the network activity of the app. You may be wondering why the monitor is empty when you open it. The monitor will run when you have some activity in your app like submitting or querying your data in your data sources.

The Power App Monitor can be accessed under Advanced Tools in the left pane of the Power App Studio. This is still in Experimental.


To learn more about how to optimize your application, debug your issues as well as guidance on how to refactor your application. Below are some of the links that I found useful.