Office 365 Adoption Content Pack

Recently, I just finished my Microsoft Service Adoption course in edX. In the Service Adoption, there are three phases. Step 1: Startup, Step 2: Experiments and Step 3: Scale. Let me focus more on Step 3: Scale where there is a topic about Phase 3: Broad Scale Enablement – Usage Reporting”. There are steps on how to enable the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack which I will discuss furthermore later especially on how to enable it.  These tools struck me the most during the course which I didn’t know until I’ve learned it. (Learning can unlock your world 😉 )

Image from edX course: Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist.


The purpose of the Office 365 Content Pack will allow your organization to track the usage of your users. This will help you leverage the services that Office 365 has to offer as well as to align your training and adoption. You can check the licenses of the users, product usage, adoption by departments and region, and product activity.

There is one biggest takeaway that I got during the session of Dux Raymond in Paris during Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2019. That is to drive sustainable service adoption. The objective is you need to bridge the business, technology and the user. You need to listen and empathize with the users what are their feedback and problems with the technology. Learn from it, plan, do some awareness and train them. Training is not actually enough. You need to tell the business, the value of the technology, and what is it for them. 

Office 365 Content Service Pack is one of the tools that will help you achieve your sustainable service adoption. 

Office 365 Service Adoption Content Pack:

Enabling the Content the Microsoft 365 Content Pack 

  1. Go to Admin Center 
  2. Under Settings, select Services & add-ins. 
  3. Click Reports, and then tick the necessary information that you need that will be displayed using the PowerBI. You need to enable this one if you are going to open it in PowerBI.  
Microsoft 365 admin center 
Microsoft Search 
Services & add-ins 
Security & privacy 
Organization profile 
Partner relationships 
Service health 
Message center 
Admin centers 
Deploy Add-ln 
Microsoft Planner 
Microsoft Teams 
Microsoft communication to users 
Modern authentication 
Office 365 Groups 
Office software download settings 
Office on the web 
Skype for Business 
Sta ffHub 
User owned apps and services 
Choose whe 
Manage and 
Let people i 
Turn Moder 
Manage and 
Manage ext 
Choose whe 
Let users o 
Show anony 
Control exte 
Set up doma 
Choose whe 
Manage sha 
Allow users 
Allow users 
Reports can be found in the admin center as well as Power 81. 
Display anonymous identifiers instead of user, group, or site names in all reports 
Make report data available to Microsoft 365 usage analytics for Power 31 
How do I get started with Power 81? 
Save changes
  1. Under Reports >> select Usage. 
  1. Click Microsoft 365 usage analytics to Get Started.
  1. Turn on the Usage Reports then click Save.
  1. Click the Go to Power BI after the data has been collected. Remember to copy the tenant ID.
  1. Select the Service Content Packs. This will open the Apps.
  1. In the Apps, search for Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics. Then click Get it now.
  1.  Copy the Tenant ID from Microsoft 365 analytics usage cards that you’ve copied. Then click Next.

Office 365 Adoption content pack is a free service in your Office 365. Reports are generated up to 48 hours, depending on the users you have. You can edit the reports generated using Power BI.

Hope this helps you for your future planning 🙂