New Document Set Experience

I’ve never used Document Set before (probably because I don’t have a project about this) but recently, we have to implement this in our projects. One of the requirements given to us is that our management wanted to digitize the employee’s documents through SharePoint. For us, the better way to collate all the related documents into a single entity is using Document Set in SharePoint. It’s easy to search because of the metadata in the files and documents.

The first thing that I’ve observed during the implementation is this: every experience is quite modern – SharePoint lists, document libraries and modern pages…except Document Set.

When I got back from vacation, I just found out that my tenant which has a document set is in modern experience (YEY!). As per update in Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Featured ID: 33761: Modern document sets is still rolling out.

What is Document Set

It is a group of related documents and files organize into a single entity. It is in fact a content type, which means you can add columns.

Document Set needs to be activated in Site Collection Features.

What’s New

The first thing that I observed is that there is no more welcome page, where you can customize it when you are still in classic.

New Document Set vs Classic Document Set

Second is, properties can be edited quickly in the Details Pane while in the document set. No more going back and forth between classic and modern.